It's quite a while since we saw this movie but I've resolved to get our blogs up to date before we're allowed to see another movie!

If you enjoy cooking, are a lover of France, or a fan of Meryl Streep (Julia), you will love this movie - if you are all three at the same time, like me, you will simply delight in it.  Meryl Streep is in her element playing this large, loud, exuberant American woman who is determined to master the art of Cordon Bleu cooking.   That is not to detract from Amy Adams who plays Julie with endearing concentration as she tries to emulate the culinary expertise of the legendary Julia Child.  Both women are supported by wonderful and often long-suffering husbands played with aplomb by Stanley Tucci (Julia's husband) and with patient humour by Chris Messina (Julie's husband).

The movie is based on the true stories of two very good cooks from two different generations - stories that become intertwined when Julie decides to cook her way through Julia Child's famous cookbook published in 1961 "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and write a blog about it.  Director, Nora Ephron has cleverly meshed these two memoirs into a very satisfying and seamless whole and the resulting film is a tribute to these two women who set themselves challenges and work singlemindedly towards them.  And it's funny as well!

Score:  8/10


Yes, we have seen lots of movies since Julie and Julia and we are determined to get this Blog up to date.  Unfortunately we lack the self discipline shown by Julie in this movie, and indeed in real life, to keep a daily Blog of her cooking exploits.   One of the most endearing aspects of this film for me was the knowledge that these two people really existed and really did the things portrayed so beautifully and lovingly in the movie.  Oh, all right - there was poetic licence involved but in essence the two women did actually find fulfillment in cooking.  Another endearing aspect of this film was the links between the women.  Julie started her Blog and her cooking challenge because she felt her life was going nowhere and her hero Julia Child started cooking in France for similar reasons of boredom and a feeling of worthlessness. 
The film was beautifully and tenderley directed and for me managed to avoid falling into sentimentality and good old American schmalz.  I was curious to see if Amy Adams could match it with the master Merryl Streep and I was pleasantly surprised as I was often waiting impatiently for the movie to return to scenes involving Amy Adams. 
This is a first class film.  A film that is a worthwhile addition to your DVD collection to watch whenever you feel like a laugh, a cry and incentive to go on with your project.

Score:  9/10

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